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Plan Your Exit Strategy with Someone Who’s Done It

Having a plan to walk away is vital – whether that means selling your business to a new owner or liquidating and closing it. Creating that plan isn’t always easy, but I’m here to help. 

I have experienced what many business owners want to achieve. I took over my father’s company and eventually sold it for 11 times earnings. So, let me use that experience to help build you the best possible exit strategy. Let’s get started. 

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Why is an Exit Strategy Important?

Make Your Business Attractive

Developing a business exit strategy is a good way to show potential buyers that you are committed to the business’s vision and goals.

Smooth Transition

An effective exit strategy lays out all the roles within a business. This will make sure every employee and stakeholder are informed enough to ensure a smooth transition. 

Achieve Goals After Exit

Executing an effective strategy can prevent negative and unwanted consequences of an exit, such as bankruptcy, and allow you to see through your business and personal goals.
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Start Your Journey With
William R. Pintaric and Associates

Yes, the financial side of developing an exit strategy is essential. But managing the mental and emotional changes is just as critical. What will it feel like when you don’t have to go to work every day? How will your identity change? I’ve been through it, and know how it feels. And that’s why it’s so important to figure out what you want. 

How do you want to walk away? Do you want the company to continue? Do you want to leave it behind? Do you have family that wants to take over? 

These might seem like daunting questions, but they are questions that we can solve together. The financial skills I’ve acquired over the years and my experience as a business owner who implemented an exit strategy make me uniquely qualified to develop a plan. So, let’s work together to build an exit strategy for your business. 

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