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Simple ways to save money on Groceries

Simple ways to save money on Groceries

May 13, 2020

When you are working on your weekly budgets, groceries can easily run a close second when it comes to big expenses. Especially, when you are shopping for a family. I want to talk to you about some simple ways you can save big when grocery shopping. When you save money on groceries, you will not only feel better, but can put that extra money into your better day fund.

Here are 5 simple ways you can save when you grocery shop:

  • Don’t be afraid of coupons – Coupons can be scary, however when you combine coupons with the weekly sales at your local stores you can get double the saving. There are many sites online that you can order coupons and have them shipped directly to your house. Also, check out your local gas stations on Sunday morning and pick up the local papers. In the local papers you will find coupons for your area and all the sale ads.
  • Try to stay away from inner aisles – Store are designed to have milk, eggs and produce on opposite ends of the store. In doing this, shoppers tend to browse all the aisles and buy items that are not on their list of items they need.
  • Look up and down the shelves – Stores tend to put the higher price items at eye level, since this is where are our eyes are drawn. Take a moment and look near the top and at the bottom of the shelves. There are many alternatives compared to the name brand items, which are much cheaper.
  • Don’t be tempted by name brands – You may be used to using certain name brand items, but they are usually more expensive. Take a chance on the “generic” version, it is generally cheaper. Just check the ingredients to make sure what you are buying is the same.
  • Convenience overcharge – Remember that pre-cut fruits, pre-made ready to go meals, and pre-prepped lettuces are going to be pricier, because you are essentially paying for that person’s time going into making the convenience better for you. When you prepare these convenience items at home, you are saving money.
  • In store/curbside pickup – There are many stores now offering in store/curbside pick up. While sometimes you might have to pay a small fee, you are able to purchase only the items that are on your list.
  • Discount grocery stores – When you shop at name brand stores, you tend to pay for those name brand items. Discount grocery stores have all the same items as the high-end stores, they just have an alternative version at a cheaper rate.


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Written by Katiee Comer

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