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I'm Still Standing

March 26, 2020

I’m Still Standing


In 1983 Elton John released a song titled I’m Still Standing.

With all of what is going on with the stocks markets these days, remembering that song’s title is a valuable lesson.

Virtually every year there is some drama in the world that causes us to pause, to worry, to question whether we should invest or not.

Look at this history of events:

1934                       The Great Depression

1935                       Civil War in Spain

1939-45                World War II

1947                       The Cold War begins

1948                       Berlin Blockade

1949                       USSR detonates A-bomb

1950                       Korean War

1952                       U.S. seize steels mills

1953                       USSR detonates H-bomb

1957                       USSR launches Sputnik

1959                       Castro seizes Cuba

1960                       USSR downs U.S. U-2 plane

1961                       Berlin Wall is erected

1962                       Cuban missile crisis

1963                       President John F. Kennedy assassinated

1964                       Gulf of Tonkin

1965                       Civil Rights marches

1968                       North Korea captures USS Pueblo

1970                       U.S. invade Cambodia

1971                       U.S. Wage/Price freeze

1972                       Watergate

1973                       Arab oil embargo

1974                       President Nixon resigns

1979                       Three Mile Island nuclear incident

1980                       Abscam Congressional scandal

1981                       President Reagan and Pope John Paul II attempted assassinations

1982                       Worse recession in 40 years

1983                       USSR shoots down Korean airliner

1986                       U.S. bombs Libya

1987                       Dow Jones Industrial Average drops 22% in one day

1990                       Iraq invades Kuwait

1991                       USSR dissolves

1992                       Los Angeles riots

1999                       Y2K fears

2000                       Internet bubble bursts

2001                       9/11 terrorist attacks

2003                       U.S. invades Iraq

2005                      Hurricane Katrina

2008                       U.S. real estate/mortgage crisis

2010                       Gulf of Mexico oil spill

2015                       Greek debt crisis

2018                       U.S. trade war with China

Through all those challenging times, through all those concerns that “the end is near, we are still here.

What we are going through we will survive. My mom still says this whenever things get tough: “This, too, will pass.”

Call us at 330.707.4135 if you have any questions. We have 70 plus years of experience through many of these past events.

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