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Financial Planning Makes Things Better

Financial Planning Makes Things Better

March 11, 2020

Financial Planning Makes Things Better

In another discussion I talked about budgeting and how following a monthly budget allows you the freedom to enjoy the money you can spend “foolishly” with no guilt.

The truth is, Financial Planning is just another version of people “having their act together” or “taking care of their business.” When you take care of what you need to take care of, then your fun times are more enjoyable.

But not every moment in life is fun. We all go through some tough times. But “taking care of your business” makes those tough times easier to bare.

Years ago, a colleague of mine talked about the death of his brother-in-law. Prior to his unexpected passing, some planning was put in place. A will was drafted and signed; beneficiaries on retirement accounts were named per their wishes; a life insurance policy with adequate death benefit coverage was purchased; and valuable documents were collected and placed in a safe location. The family had their act together.

Fast-forward to his passing, and while his wife was distraught, she had one less burden to worry about. She knew, because of their planning beforehand, where needed documents were and that financially the family would be ok. She was allowed to grieve in peace.

Life isn’t going to full of sunny days; in every life some rain will fall (where have we heard that before?). But Financial Planning can make the rainy days in your life less of a burden and the sunny days sunnier.


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Written by David Pintaric.

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